Morata swaps shirt number

Today, Chelsea have officially announced that Álvaro Morata will be dropping the No.9 from the back of his shirt. “Hooray!”, exclaim the Chelsea faithful who believe in the modern cure of the No.9 at the club.
Alvaro Morata will wear the number 29 for Chelsea in the 2018/19 season.
Morata will be wearing the no. 29 from now on, to mark a brand new chapter in his personal life, and celebrate the birth of his twins with his wife, Alice Campello.
“It is a day I will never forget, to welcome my twin sons into the world. My family is so important to me and I want to honour them and my wife, Alice, when I am on the pitch which is why I have decided to take a different number for the new season and remember this special day by adding the number 2 to my shirt.”
For those who already purchased this season’ no.9 shirt — yes, all two of you — he has not forgotten about you.
“I am sorry to the fans who may have bought a number 9 with my name already, but I hope you understand my tribute and that it will not be a problem and we can make you a new one with the 29. Thank you for your support and I hope this year there will be lots more to celebrate.”
And neither has the club. As usual in these sort of circumstances, the club will offer a like-for-like replacement if the shirt was bought at the MegaStore or online from Nike. And Chelsea, in a nice gesture, will even offer a 50 per cent discount on a new shirt if you bought a Morata shirt from another outlet. (Terms and conditions apply.)
The returned shirts with the old number will be given to the Chelsea Foundation.

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