Huge increase in prize money for Champions League next season

Revenues for competing in the Champions League, Europa League and Uefa Super Cup will see a huge increase of £787m next season, Uefa has announced.

Last season, clubs were given a share of £2.06bn, but that figure has now jumped to £2.84bn.

However, Uefa said £457m will be deduced to pay for organisational costs and solidarity payments.

Real Madrid face city rivals Atletico Madrid in the Uefa Super Cup in August, which will be played in Estonia.

Both clubs will receive £3.06m for competing in the match, while the winner will collect an additional £870,000.

A total of £1.71bn will be divided into four categories. Clubs will also receive £8.31m for reaching the round of 16, £9.19m for the quarter-finals, £10.5m for the semi-finals and £13.12m for reaching the final. The winner will receive an additional £3.5m.
Clubs competing in the Europa League next season will receive a share of £490m, an increase from £350m last season.

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